MOAB: Facts and Figures

Georg Koszulinski

Thomas Edison electrocutes the elephant
and the rest becomes history. Someone
somewhere gets contracted to direct a
Red Lobster commercial. Tens of thousands
of airplanes filled right now with compliant
mortgage borrowers.

Waking up at 5:00 pm in the sun not
knowing where you are. These series of
realizations: ocean waves are the pulse
of the Earth; the universe does not need
smiling children; there’s no use.

How do you love the neighbor with
the viscous barking dog and the don’t tread-on-me
rattlesnake flag while
paying insurance rates for two trucks?
Answer: you don’t.

Patriarchs honor their mothers on rear
bumpers & death machines: all bombs
are motherless down to the last
exploding coil. Miss Enola Gay jumps
off a cliff, Easter Sunday, 1991.

The colleges were full of future conmen
and thieves. The professors were all blood
killers obedient as falling rain. The pastor
had a mortgage and the landlord too—
rentchecks got paid and sure as the sun
casts a shadow the armies are rife with

a final prayer:
(in unison)

This is how it works.
This is how it works.
This is how it works.

Bombs away!

Georg Koszulinski has been making films and videos since 1999. His award-winning works have been presented at hundreds of universities and film festivals around the world, most recently at the Atlanta Film Festival, San Francisco DocFest, and Experiments in Cinema. His personal essays and poetry have recently been published in Gold Man Review, Blue Collar Review, and Blotterature Literary Magazine. His current documentary project, White Ravens: A Legacy of Resistance (forthcoming) focuses on the Haida Nation and the cultural resurgence taking place on their islands of Haida Gwaii. Georg is an Assistant Professor of Film Studies at the University of North Carolina Wilmington where he teaches filmmaking.